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Dry Nose Kit

Dry Nose Kit

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Is your pet's nose feeling a little rough around the edges? Our kit is here to save the day with a trio of fabulous products designed to hydrate & pamper those precious snoots.

🌿 Nourishing Cream: Say goodbye to dry and flaky noses with our silky-smooth nourishing cream. It's like a spa day for your pet's nose – they'll be strutting around like they just stepped off the catwalk!

✨ Colloidal Silver Mist: Is your pet's nose in need of a refreshing spritz? Our colloidal silver mist adds a touch of magic to the mix (and hydration). It's like a little spa getaway with each spritz – and hey, who said only humans can enjoy a bit of silver sparkle?

🦠 Daily Probiotic: We believe in promoting healthy noses from the inside out. Our daily probiotic helps support your pet's immune system, ensuring they're ready to face any sniffly challenges that comes their way. A happy nose is a healthy nose, after all!

🦴 Mini Pack of Treats: Get a free pack of treats at no extra cost to keep them distracted while the cream absorbs into their nose.

With the Bella Maree Dry Nose Kit, dry cracked noses will be a thing of the past! Because when it comes to noses, why settle for anything less than fabulous? Get ready to see your pet's nose glow and their tail wag with joy!

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