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Croc Shank - Hypoallergenic

Croc Shank - Hypoallergenic

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Croc Shanks offer a nutritious chew for your furry friend! With meaty goodness and the rich marrow within, they're a treat packed with beneficial fats and irresistible flavour. Let your pup be the judge!

Our Crocodile treats are hypoallergenic. This means our Croc Shanks are great for dogs that suffer common allergies, like being allergic to Chicken, Beef and other common proteins.

Just like the meat, croc bones share the hypo-allergenic category of their cousin crocodile jerky.  Hypoallergenic usually refers to a novel protein, one that normally doesn’t cause allergies and one that a dog would rarely have ingested.  While kangaroo is often brilliant for that, true crocodile dog trats goes one step further, because of the rarity and expense of the raw materials.

Sustainably farmed in Australia using 100% Australian Crocodile


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