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Treat your four-legged friend to a slice of the Australian outback with our crispy Kangaroo Tail Bites—a flavorful journey filled with healthful perks. Crafted from choice Kangaroo Tail slices, these treats offer a playful and wholesome gesture to pamper your beloved canine.

Why Opt for Bella Maree's All-Natural Dehydrated Kangaroo Tail Bites Crunchy Canine Treats?

Satisfying Crunch: Each petite tail bite delivers a satisfying crunch, promoting dental hygiene by diminishing plaque and tartar buildup, ensuring your pup's teeth gleam with health.

Protein Boost: Bursting with premium Kangaroo Meat, these treats supply ample protein crucial for muscle strength and overall vigor.

Joint Nourishment: Enriched with Omega 3, Vitamin B12, and naturally occurring glucosamine, our kangaroo tail bites foster supple joints, keeping your furry friend spry and limber.

Gentle on the Tummy: Gentle on digestion, these treats cater to dogs of all ages and sizes, fostering digestive well-being across the board.

Lustrous Coat & Skin: Packed with essential nutrients, kangaroo meat promotes a glossy coat and radiant skin, ensuring your pup exudes health and vitality.

Extended Chew Time: Treat your pet to our Kangaroo Tail Bites for a prolonged chewing experience that keeps them content and entertained.

At Bella Maree Natural, we're committed to providing every dog with a delectable and nutritious treat. Our Dehydrated Kangaroo Tail Bites are meticulously crafted to deliver both deliciousness and nourishment.

Indulge your furry companion with Bella Maree Natural's Dehydrated Kangaroo Tail Bites Crunchy Canine Treats today! Order now and witness your pup's tail wag with unbridled joy at treat time!


100% Australian Kangaroo

Naturally air dried. No added preservatives, additives, or colours.

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