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Goat Lung Crisp
Goat Lung Crisp

Goat Lung Crisp

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Goat lung is a light wafer like, low fat treat, making it perfect for training or for those doggo's watching their weight. 

Our Goat lung crisp is thinly sliced and easily broken, making it a great choice for smaller dogs or where protein control is important.

Goat lung is a novel protien that is high protien, low fat treat, rich in vitamin B12, copper and vitamin A. 

Vitamin B12 is responisible for formation of red blood cells, DNA, and key in the development of brain and nerve cells. Copper is also responisible for the formation of red blood cells and helps the body to absorb iron. Vitamin A is important for ocular health, and supports healthy immune system and healthy bones. 

In short this means that goat lung is a healthy and beneficial treat for your fur baby. 

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