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Shark Skin Dental Chew

Shark Skin Dental Chew

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A LOW fat, medium chew, caught and made in Australia!  Our shark skin dog treats are all shark skin no additives or colouring – the most natural treat option that is filling and not likely to add weight to your dog.

The shark skin is cut into thin strips between about 5 to 15 mm wide then flattened.

The shark skins are typically 50 to 100 mm long and range in colour from white to dark grey .

These dog treats have high levels of Omega 3 and 6 making them exceptionally good for  dog joints, skin, coat etc.

For those interested in sustainability, the shark skin rolls are made from Gummy sharks caught under quota in Southern Australian waters.  As the sharks are already caught for the restaurant and cafe trade the skins most valuable usage is to feed our animal product pets !

Ingredients:  100% Australian shark skin (gummy Shark). No additives or colouring.

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